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Third Bridge - Bennett CO Real Haunt

  • County Line Road
  • Bennett, CO
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The third bridge is a popular spot for local high school students to hang out and is said to be the scene of a car accident where some students were once killed. People say that the place is near where a terrible Native American massacre took place long ago. It is rumored that if high school students get too loud and rowdy, the sound of ghost drums will get louder and sound closer. Some have reported seeing the spirit of a man on a horse.
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  • Absolutely not safe

    Me and my hbs went last night as we got out of the car I already was hearing my name but it sounded like it was getting further and further away, as we went further my friend started puking and screaming at the top of his lungs while we tried to calm him down he went on to describe how he was going to make us pray so that our souls would be clean and ready for sacrifice. When we got back to our car he started telling us he was talking to people and they were telling him to sacrifice ourselves. When we first got under the bridge I took a picture of him and you can clearly see multiple faces behind him as we left the car wouldn’t go over 12 mph, would only recommend if you want to be scared shitless

    Posted 6/29/24

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  • Tall figure touches ppl and is visible

    Me and my two friend have been to third ridge 3 times the first time we went as just a group of teens and we were on top of the bridge for a bit but would get back into the car when we would here a car coming. One of the cars that passed started to slow down so we started to drive. The car followed us for 20 minutes and we did the 4 turns thing onto property’s and random roads in the middle of no where. They were still following us and turned off their headlights so we couldn’t see them as good, we started to get scared so we sped up and passed a bunch of cars to get away from them. The second time we got a picture of a tall shadow figure when under the bridge, my camera stopped working and the battery in my phone got drained to 10 when we got there it was at 80. The 3rd time we went was tonight. We went under the bridge just the 3 of us and we got pretty scared. I saw a tall black figure behind a tree on the right side of the bridge. I didn’t say anything so i wouldn’t scare one of my friends. The ghosts ended up touching my friends sweatshirts and pulling on clothing. I heard branches snapping when we were on-top of the bridge and the drumming for a couple of seconds. I got a picture of something that looks like a skin-walker. I highly recommend going but be careful and don’t go alone.

    Posted 11/12/23

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  • For sure haunted

    I’ve gone to third bridge several times and every time gets more crazy. My latest trip there was tonight with two of my friends we all experienced paranormal whether it was being touched seeing or hearing things. We heard drums a faint scream. We also saw many shadow figures, one looking almost like it was crawling on all fours. We stayed for around 20 minutes most of the time on top of the bridge trying to hear things. Me and one of my friends saw the same figure. We heard a noise and started sprinting back to the car. I am not a strong sprinter so I was in the back and while running I looked behind and saw something walking behind us which was very strange because no one else was there when we were. Before all that happened I was walking Infront of my friends on top of the bridge and felt someone behind me, I turned around and no one was there. My friends were to far behind for it to have been them. This is truly a crazy experience every time I go. I definitely recommend to go but keep your guard up.

    Posted 11/12/23

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  • Car got stuck in mud

    My sister her friend me and my sisters boyfriend were on our way to the third bridge.we were probably like 20 minutes away and 5 minutes we were almost there my sister and her boyfriend got lost and we lost them so we pulled to the side of the road mind you it was pouring we were literally like 6 ft from the bridge and we were trying to drive but we got stuck in the mud so we all tried moving her car but it just wouldn’t budge so we had tried calling towing companies and they said they couldn’t tow her car out of the mud so we just sat there waiting for someone to try and help but then a cop pulled over and he took us to the nearest McDonalds cause it was freezing and we could’ve gotten hypothermia then finally we got a tow company to come and tow the car so we got an Uber back to the car…we waited for like 10 minutes and the tow guy finally got us out. We all thought that the bride might’ve had some bad juju we didn’t even get to check it out but hey maybe next time right. I recommend to go when it’s NOT pouring lol. Hopefully I typed this down right .

    Posted 9/8/23

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  • Captured nothing.

    08/20/22 My daughter and I have been watching Nukes Top Five for years together. We are both very interested in the paranormal and have begun acquiring ghost hunting equipment. We’ve only been on 5 hunts thus far and haven’t seen, heard or captured anything on video or photo. 3rd bridge was one of those 5. I really didn’t feel like going to bed when the sun came up, so we decided to get there after midnight, but way before witching hour. When we got there around 12:30, there were 3 kids parked, partying. I asked them if they had seen any ghosts and received a coked out, massive run on sentence about not seeing anything, but had heard something, but you should have seen this weird, creepy, scrawny dear on the way over here bruh, type of answer. After he broke my retard meter, I let them know I was bustin a U and parking. They promptly left. Ell and I strapped up the GoPro on her chest, I grabbed the flashlights, EMF meter and camera. It was 60 degrees, a partial moon and although nervous and without our spirit box, Ell couldn’t wait and it arrived via Amazon today, we were ready. We parked on the west side of the bridge and walked along the south side. We did several sound checks, we’d shut off our lights and be still and silent for several minutes, to and fro - we only heard the peaceful chatter of bugs. Once we made it to the underside, which was fenced off, we did more sound checks, took pics and video but the EMF meter stayed on its first green marker light. The. Whole. Time. We explored for over an hour and left close to the 2 o’clock hour. We left disappointed. We still need to review our footage for the final grade and may try it again later with more equipment but there are other supposedly haunted places that we’d like to investigate first.

    Posted 8/20/22

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  • pretty scary man

    on 07/03/2022 me and 4 other friends (3 female, 2 male) went to the bridge around 1:30am we thought it would be a good idea to go and mess around. one of the females have been there already said you can hear the sound of drums playing in the distance. we didn’t think it was true so we went to go check it out. we all had got out the car and all you hear is the sound of drums playing in the distance. two of the females started to walk away from the car while the other female (me) sat back in the car because I was scared. both males had got out the car and started taking pictures of each other. i had gotten out the car to take some too. but as soon as i got out the car the two females started to come back. mind you one was walking in the grass and the other was on the dirt road. i look at the two females coming back while the two males were still taking pictures. we heard someone running through the trees and i thought it was one of the females but we were all standing by the car and the sound got even louder and closer in the span of 30 seconds. we all rushed back into the car and drove off. i looked back and someone was standing in the middle of the road as we drove away. by the time we left it was only 1:45am. for being there for only 15 minutes was the scariest 15 minutes of my life. i recommend if you truly want to spooked go. but never go by yourself!

    Posted 7/3/22

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  • Some weird people...

    So I decided to go with one of my friends up here and see if it's true or not. I'm a very skeptical person so unless I know for certain what I saw and can verify it I won't believe it. Now oddly enough I decided to go on Friday the 13th on 9/13/2019. We got to the bridge around 11:15 at night. Everything seemed somewhat normal. There where some other cars there that keep going forward turning around and going back. About 300-400 feet. They did that for the whole time we where there. Me and my friend parked by one of the driveways and sat there for a bit. Then we decided to go too the bridge. As we where Walk too the bridge we start hearing some really creepy old children's toy music faintly. Then it stops. And starts again it turned out to be a older car around 1990's style. And he/she was going around and around they would just stop sometimes in the middle of the road for no reason. We sat there and talked for a bit, but my friend and I had gotten cold (around 12:45) so we start walking back. And a car pulls up and the windows are down and a young girl asks up if these place is haunted. Me and my friend respond with "I don't know" or " possibly but we cannot confirm it". They where like ok and drove off. The looped the whole time we where there. Just going back and fourth. After a while me and my friend are sitting in the car talking. We had an uneasy feeling for a while when we where there. Like we where being watch from a group of people. We just sat there for a while looking for stuff, but nothing solid. After I got back home I decided too look up some stuff about the bridge because I never did I just knew it was haunted and basic details. After some digging I found a picture of all five kids that died in the rollover accident. They where the same people who asked me and my friend if the place was haunted. I honestly do believe this bridge is haunted. I don't want to believe it, but the people in the car matched the people who died exactly.

    Posted 9/14/19

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  • Dark figuring chasing us

    My two friends and I decided to go to third bridge so we went.. remind there was only 3 of us. A boy,female and me a male.. we went around 12:30ish am and nothing was happening so my friends and I decided to go walk the grassy platforms next to the bridge and as we was doing that we couldn’t find anything but all my friends and I had a feeling something was watching us but we couldn’t see anything.. and as we were getting deeper into the grass field my friend noticed something in the distance.. it was about 25 feet away from us looking at us behind a tree and my friend said “do you guys see that?” And me and this female said “no see what?” He said “look behind the tree” so we turned the flash lights on our phone and looked and it was this tall dark figure with green/white glowing eyes and then it disappeared behind the tree so we started running and the female fell and my friend and I both said “she’s dead” and we kept running and then I tripped on these tree branches on the ground and my glasses fell off.. I never been so scared in my life that I picked them up in 2 seconds and started running and I looked behind me and the dark figure was bigger then a grizzly bear and it was really fast chasing us!! and we made it back to the bridge top and all of us looked back and the dark figure was gone and we go into the car and the car wouldn’t start for a good 3 minutes!! But it was a scary experience but I recommend y’all go and explore the whole bridge even walk in the field

    Posted 5/20/19

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  • Third bridge is truly haunted

    I went to the third bridge last night with my husband, mother in law and my brother in law! We got there at around 1 am. We turned off our headlights, didn’t use flashlights, it was full moon so we let that light the way plus we were very quiet, didn’t speak above a whisper. We walked to the middle of the bridge in the dark, once our eyes adjusted we started seeing a dark figure in the road about 50 feet away walking back and forth. It would disappear and end up on the other side about 50 feet away behind us! We started hearing faint sound of Indian drums, we were there for over an hour total. The drums went the whole time off and on! You have to be extremely quiet and listen hard because they aren’t that loud. We started seeing dark figures peeking at us around the trees on sides of bridge! We heard voices shout off in a distance several times. The thing that really freaked us out was we heard like a death groan very loud and close, then we heard footsteps running towards us fast! We left about 2:30 am. Just a word of advice, if you want to experience more, go in small groups 4 or less, turn off lights on your car, don’t shine flashlights around, be very quiet, listen hard, watch down road and around trees. And go between midnight and 3am!

    Posted 7/27/18

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  • Car Malfunctions and Shadow Figures

    I went to Third Bridge twice in the past when I was 17 and 18. We seen an aspiration of a little girl along the bridge and hear the Indian drums. When getting back in the car, it wouldn't start for about 10 minutes. The car had never had any problems prior to going there, so we felt as though the ghosts were messing with the car. Fast forward about 10 years later, I am now 28 and wanted to check it out again with my boyfriend. We went at 11 pm Saturday, 4/12. When driving just past the cross sign of where a man named Randy died in 2010, it smelt like death to me. We found the bridge and drove through it first and went to the other side of it. When we started to come off the bridge, all of our lights dimmed and even the engine sounded like it was having trouble. This was just for a few seconds and stopped as we kept driving. Again, no prior car problems of the same kind when we went to Third Bridge. We turned around to see if it would happen again as we went back over the bridge but nothing happened. There were a couple groups of other people up there, so we were not alone. The place is earily quiet, with frogs and cricket calls. Its pitch dark and has a creepy feeling yet looks beautiful as well. We got a few good pics with orbs when we went under the bridge. And also a pic of a dark figure when coming back up, walking up the bridge. I also looked behind me and it looked as though someone was walking behind me, but there was no one. It made me scream, I'm sure I freaked the other people out that were there when I screamed bloody murder. Lol. While there, I conversed with other people doing some investigating theirselves and I heard countless stories from previous times of being there, such as again, car malfunctioning and aspirations of a little girl again, Indian drums and a girl felt two hands go down her back one night. There is obviously stuff going on here and a lot of the similar stories. We walked back up to the car and began to drive off back towards Kiowa-Bennett Road, and just as the street turned from dirt to pavement road again, the car malfunctioned, yet again! Same thing happened, the lights dimmed and the car sounded like it was struggling as well! It was a crazy experience, and visiting there always opens my eyes a little more, that there are things unexplainable that we have barely scratched the surface on. This place is DEFINITELY haunted, so check it out if your interested. It's a definite must see in Colorado.

    Posted 5/13/18

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