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  • Riverdale Road
  • Thornton, CO
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Riverdale Road, a winding 11-mile path between Thornton and Brighton, is at center of many supposed haunting and paranormal happenings. The earliest rumors are of a nearby Native American burial ground which places curses on trespassers, and of entities taking animal form along the road. Supposedly there are both good and evil forces at work here; take caution if you see a grey fox, as that is the manifestation of an evil spirit, but if instead you see a coyote it means there is a good entity watching over you. On the north end of the road, not far from Highway 7, there was stood a large home; however, one day the owner of the house was possessed by a demon and he burned it to the ground with his family still inside. The house had large iron gates out front, which locals have taken to calling The Gates of Hell. It is rumored that an entire community of Satanists once lived in the area and performed rituals in a field on the side of the road. An old dairy on Riverdale is also said to be home to a tree which was used hang women accused of witchcraft. Street signs on Riverdale Road are sometimes found to be covered in dried blood and small handprints. This is thought to be the work of a ghost who, while alive, was a young boy that walked the road on his way to school. Sadly, the boy was killed while on his daily commute, and now his spirit seems to be stuck there. Some passersby have also reported seeing the ghosts of a jogger and a lady in white along the side of the street.
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  • The witching hour Riverdale road

    Ok, some people just don't see spirit's because they don't believe in the paranormal or life after death. But there's a handful of us Paranormal investigators and a handful of mediums that have encountered a lot of activity in hunting homes and roads. The best time to catch any type of action on Riverdale Road is at the witching hour and that's between 3 am and 4 am. So keep that in mind. So if there's people who want to try this give it a go. Just don't go into it by yourself take someone with you.

    Posted 3/19/24

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  • Experience During Full Moon

    Me and my girlfriend drove Riverdale Road three times on August 1st, 2023, a night of a full moon, while it was lightly raining, AFTER dark…. And saw absolutely nothing. Maybe we were too paranoid after reading all the stories but yeah, no girls in white dresses or people hanging from trees. Who knows.

    Posted 8/2/23

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  • Full moon

    Went to Riverdale tonight. Heard that if you go during a full moon, you can see witches hanging from the trees. Would have maybe been better if it wasn't a holiday, because there was way too much traffic. My first trip 6 months ago it was dark and totally creepy and only a few cars. Used my ghostube app and did capture some figures. Will go back next full moon and maybe at a later time after midnight.

    Posted 7/4/23

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  • Spooky Sighting

    I was volunteering at a puppy rescue on Riverdale Road when I caught a glimpse of someone in a flowing white dress. I checked to see where they might've gone, but nobody was there.

    Posted 11/25/20

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  • Storm

    My brother and I decided to check our Riverdale road and happened to get stuck in a really bad hail storm. Couldn’t see the road. Then being forced to turn around and get out before it got worse. We think it could have been a sign for us to not go!

    Posted 7/12/20

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  • We drive on this road daily.

    We drive on this stretch of Riverdale Rd daily, sometimes at night. We've lived right here in Thornton for many decades. The only scary thing you'll see on riverdale is massive encroachment of open spaces and farm land by greedy property developers, or perhaps you'll get stuck in traffic. Besides that, if you want a fright, you'll need to head down to the slums of Denver for that real world thrill. Not much going on in Thornton, Colorado, never has been. The homes are over priced, the land in poor condition, the city overbearing, the taxes and utility costs are high. If you're scared of high taxes, you will get your fright fix in Thornton, CO with our never ending increases in property taxes and blatant waste of taxpayer funds on never ending city projects which they alter, then completely remove and redo, then alter again. If local government financial waste and taxation abuse scares you, and you like that sort of thing, please feel free to stop by Thornton Colorado. The ghosts of Riverdale are long gone but there is a golf course and silly museum that's always closed. Get scared by how awful the maize festival on the bottom of Riverdale Road on 104th & McKay is, where they don't even sell a corn on the cob to eat, then charge 10 dollars for a single beer, and you're surrounded by people whom do not speak english. So yeah, there is opportunity for a fright on Riverdale now and then. If you're into high prices, being surrounded by police, limited entertainment activity, and like to use translation services, don't miss ThorntonFest at the rec.

    Posted 5/23/19

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  • Ghostly white ladie

    In 2006 me and 4 friends saw the ghosly woman wasn't friendly we think it was a witch there that got hanged

    Posted 5/2/18

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  • me


    Posted 1/19/18

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