Halloween Events by City and County in Colorado

No matter where in CO you are, there are plenty of Halloween fun for you, your friends, and family to enjoy. Whether you’re close to the city, or located in a more rural area, there are plenty of haunted attractions in every region of CO. Wherever you’re located, there’s bound to be some festive fun for you to enjoy this season - make sure to use city guide to find the most exciting attractions near you this fall!

  • Reapers Hollow

    Located in Parker

    Be aware, many of our victims do not even make it into the first shack. As you approach an old, dilapidated shack in the cornfield, your heart rate starts to increase. There is a dim light on in an upper window and you catch a glimpse of a shadow. Someone or something is lurking up there. As you get closer it feels as if the corn is closing in around you and you are being forced towards the fro... Read More

  • Asylum Haunted House

    Located in Denver

    Are you ready to GET SCARED?! Face your fears at the most insane haunted house of all Denver Haunted Houses!

    Post Mortem - The Escape: You will enter the Asylum to find the body of a resident lost to disease and untreatable, waiting for you on an autopsy table. Within seconds you realize that what started as a tour, is now a trap! Desperately, you must work with a group of friends and s... Read More

  • Haunted Field of Screams

    Located in Thornton
    (303) 913-5947

    THE LARGEST HAUNTED ATTRACTION IN COLORADO, WITH MORE THAN 35 ACRES OF HAUNTED CORNFIELD, AND 3 FRIGHTFUL HAUNTS! You will scream as you walk through 16 foot tall cornstalks, guided only by moonlight, with a new nightmare waiting for you around every corner. Haunted Field of Screams is the Denver Haunted House that will make you fear the corn! Are you ready to scream? Read More

  • The 13th Floor Denver

    Located in Denver

    SLASHER REMIX You remember the nightmares, don’t you? A masked psychopath with a chainsaw, a bladed hand, alone in a cabin in the woods. You tried to scream but nothing came out. No one could help you. Well, we’re sorry to say you don’t outgrow the fears of the slasher films of yesteryear... you just hide them away. This year, we’re resurrecting those exact memories, twisting the characters that... Read More

  • Extinction Live Action Haunted House

    Located in Denver

    We are a live action haunted house where participants enter the zone to fend off monsters and zombies with Airsoft bb's to see if they survive the extinction. Can you survive? Each year we put on live action horror events to scare you and test your survival skills. See if you have what it takes to fend off creatures and stay alive as the last people on earth. Who knows, maybe there are more of y... Read More

  • Haunted Mines

    Located in Colorado Springs
    (719) 487-1666

    Haunted Mines is leaving our previous location on North Gate Road, but we will still bring the October scares by once again presenting to you the Colorado Fear Fest! That's right - the spooky little Haunt on the Hill everyone loved last year will be OPEN for the 2017 Halloween Season and will be located in the Southwest Parking Lot of The Chapel Hills Mall, near the movie theaters!

    We ... Read More

  • City of the Dead

    Located in Henderson
    (720) 254-1627

    Denver's Largest and Most Intense Haunted House!
    Rated the #1 Haunted House in Denver!
    Ranked Nationally by Haunted Attraction Magazine and!
    Massive in size, City of the Dead boasts an intense journey through ultimate horror. At just over 30,000 square feet in size, It Is the Longest and Largest Indoor Haunted House in Denver and has been voted the Best Denver Haunted H... Read More

Halloween Attractions By County

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