Real Haunted Places Across Colorado

Across ##Region##, there are countless locations that are believed to be haunted, ranging from houses & hotels, to lighthouses, roadways, and wooded areas - ghosts and spirits don't seem to discriminate when it comes to what locations they're haunting! Find out all about Colorado's unique haunted locales, many of which are open to the public, and if you're feeling very brave, visit one of these exciting haunted places!
  •   Riverdale Road Thornton, CO
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    Riverdale Road, a winding 11-mile path between Thornton and Brighton, is at center of many supposed haunting and paranormal happenings. The earliest rumors are of a nearby Native American burial ground which places curses on trespassers, and of entities taking animal form along the road. Supposedly there are both good and evil forces at work here; take caution if you see a grey fox, as... Read More

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